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Endometriosis after Hysterectomy

Hi, I had a Hysterectomy (kept my ovaries) in July because of a huge fibroid that was causing loads of problem (or so I thought). The surgeon told me afterwards (in the recovery room) that there was endometriosis on my bladder and bowel which was unexpected and that we would have to see how things go. I never saw the surgeon again and had no follow up appointment after my surgery. I ignorantly thought that as I'd had the hysterectomy my problems would be over. in the last 3 months, i have had endless pelvic pain, painful bowel movements and pain when urinating. I don't understand why the endo wasn't treated during the surgery, maybe thats not how its done? I have since contacted the hospital and have had no reply to emails and my calls haven't been returned. I am seeing my GP on the 18th in the hope that she can obtain some more information. I'm not really sure what treatment they will be able to offer me, I don't regret the surgery because I no longer have the endless bleeding, but I feel really low and wonder if it will ever end :(

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Hi Helen, this is my first post, we have a similar story. I had subtotal hysterectomy Nov2012 for adenomyosis. Had a horrendous year straight after with chronic bladder and pelvic pain, urinary frequency, palpitations, aches all down my right side etc and still having periods despite no uterus. Just this Friday after a ridiculous amount of gp/hosp appointments and investigations I had a laparoscopy done by same gynae who was insistent my problems were urological, and I have endometriosis all over my bladder, cervix and right side pelvis. He has excised and cauterised, the plan is to go onto meds that put me in menopausal state then remove my cervix. I can't understand your surgeon as surely leaving the endo there and the ovaries he has literally left it live, I think you need an urgent appointment with another gynae and demand correct treatment. Good luck x


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