Afternoon snooze, fighting fatigue

I would love to have an afternoon snooze everyday. Does anyone have any tips for fighting fatigue? I follow a healthy diet, with reduced gluten and I also exercise regularly, which helps. But lately, I just can't keep my eyes open.

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  • I've put up a big fight with fatigue.,,,,, the beast won and now I just give in and snooze when I can.

    I think if my body is telling me I need to sleep, there has to be a reason for it!

    Endometriosis causes fatigue. It's also worth you having your blood checked for iron, B12 and folate levels.

    Best wishes,

    Barbara x

  • I get to the point where I "hide" in the bathroom at work to have a few minutes with my eyes closed. I get embarrassed that I feel so sleepy and know that I'm nodding off at my desk. If I put my head down I would gladly settle into a good snooze.

  • Hi, that made me chuckle as I do the same thing at work, go off and have a little rest when the fatigue gets too much, quite often in the mornings as well as the afternoons! Nice to know in not the only one! x

  • I know, I laugh at myself too :-D

  • I have this all the time - hows your thyroid and b1 levels

  • I have no idea, I'm going to contact the Dr, yet again, to request one.

  • I've contacted the GP surgery today, but it was a fight to even get them to listen. It's affecting my work and I'm getting worried. It's all very upsetting and makes me feel worse.

  • Blood test tomorrow, then just waiting for the results.

  • I went for an hour long walk after work last night, usually exercise livens me up and gives me some energy. But none, didn't move all night, fell a sleep at 1030 and had a good 8.5 uninterrupted sleep. Woke up this morning and felt like I hadn't slept at all.

  • I am exactly the same. I get frustrated with myself at needing to rest so much. I feel ancient!

  • I'm the same too. I also suffer from bad anaemia. And I have a 13month old son too who has started waking in the night. I work 55 hours a week. I'm ready for bed as soon as my son goes to bed

  • This is me, I've had this week off work due to having no energy and being in pain. I work from 8am till 4pm with a 30min lunch break, when I get home I don't even have the energy to cook dinner. I am going to have bloods taken tomorrow to check everything's ok. It's so not fair on my 6yr old son and family :(

  • Received blood test results and everything is satisfactory, so no idea what causes the fatigue. It has gotten better this week, but it will return, I know it will.

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