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Weight gain and the coil

I have had endometriosis for 14 years (knowingly!). After getting 2 cysts removed within 6 months of each other, then getting Zoladex injections for 6 months followed straight by a successful IVF and then a natural pregnancy 2 years later, I now have the mirena coil. In fact I'm on my second one. Although this does help, as I don't have periods now and have very little in the way of pain, I have gained 3 stone in weight. I've never ever been overweight and my diet was far worse than it is now. I totally believe that the mirena coil is the reason I've put on so much weight. I was just wondering if there is an alternative to the mirena coil....I absolutely hate being this fat. I feel totally disgusted with myself and this doesn't help with my depression and anxiety. Can anyone help......please xxxx

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I so feel the same as you! I just hate looking at myself. The doctor and consultant told me to do some exercise which wasn't helpful! I ran a half marathon this year, I do know how to exercise! So patronising! My weight has always been stable before having the mirena in 3 months ago. Also haven't stopped bleeding yet which is awful And also means no sex life. My tummy looks like I'm six months pregnant which does nothing for my depression and anxiety....thinking of upping my medication for this too. Just wondered how you are now as am finding every day a struggle :(


I strongly recommend watching this video to learn how to get rid of mirena's nasty side effects and understand how it is causing weight gain and other serious side effects. This video has helped me recover and get back to my normal self again: detoxscientific.com/mirena-...


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