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What next??

I was diognosed in 2009. I suffer bouts of pain that are really sharp but rarish, and a dull ache all of the time that goes in my back and down my legs. I'm constantly going to the toilet, it's like as soon as I have a drink it runs right through. I also have bad IBS too.

Since I was diagnosed all the have done is put me on the pill and that's it, I've had no follow ups and no updates etc. lately I've been really bloated and it's always really painful, I wonder if I've been on the pill too long, it doesn't seem to work.

I'm studying to do a degree to be a nurse and working but the tiredness is really getting me down, I'm exhausted ALL the time.

I just don't know what to do next.... I'm scared to go to my doctor as they made me feel like an hypochondriac when I went before they diognosed endo.

Sorry ladies I needed a winge, I find when I talk to family and friends they just roll their eyes like 'here we go' lol. Thanks

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Good morning.

(Congratulations on your nursing studies, My daughter is currently doing a paediatric nursing degree) .

I think your next step needs to be a referral to see a gynaecologist again with a view of having a laparoscopy or a different approach to your pain etc. it sounds as though the Pill isn't helping you enough now.

Please don't be afraid to go to your doctor. Just remember they are there to serve us and are paid by us, the tax payers ! You need to insist on a referral back to gynaecologist . Could you take someone in with you for support? You also may need to ask for more adequate pain relief.

It would also be worth you asking for some blood tests to be done. Things that need to be checked are a FBC and also your B12 and folate levels measured. Tiredness can be caused by Endo ( the chronic pain and inflammation makes us exhausted) but it could be that your iron etc is low.

Good luck with the rest if your studies.

Barbara x


Thanks Barbara :-) I'm doing adult nursing but well done to your daughter!!! I think I do need to go back it's just frightening cause I don't think they'd take me seriously. You might be right about the iron as I've suffered that before. Thank you!!xx


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