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Will it ever get better:(?

Im 20years old and was diagnosed with endo 3 month's ago. It was present on my left tube, also present in the muscle of my womb and suspected in my bowel. I had two laps last year and was hospitalised 7 times. Had an appt today where the coil was removed as it was causing more problems. So back on the pill. In pain constantly. Im currently in stage 1 and been told its likely to return within 2 years.. im worried and concerned that it will come back And im scared I wont be able to have kids :(

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Sorry to hear your feeling so low currently, I have found now nearly 29 and suffered with endo from 11 that it gives good and bad days throughout. At one point it had really got a grip on me and was really effecting every day life! Unfortunately it seems to be lap after lap for most women with the condition. My advice would be after my last lap which was quite grim due to what I had to have done .... is live life to the fullest when ever you can .... I know it is scary however it may also not return in 2 years. I would ask to see your consultant to discuss options regarding children I have found in the past that they generally are quite open when it comes to fertility. Try not to worry too much. I am now on the mirena after many years of being on the pill ... when I was on the pill one pill was not enought I use to have Euygnon 30 which was fab however it got took off the market so for the same combination I had to take 1 microgynon 30 and 4 norgeston pills together at night. I found that kept the pain at bay. Good luck.


Hi I am going to be the grim reaper now but in my opinion this will not get better, unless you have it all cut out. Otherwise no we are stuck with this thing growing and growing every month eating away our healthy organs and ruining our lives. I would love all of the doctors wives to get it, one or two just may think about the seriousness of it then x


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