Will it all come back?

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This is my first post and I'm new to these forums. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo nearly 2 years ago when I was (19/20) I have had pain since the day and hour I got my period but it progressively got worse. I had surgery a year ago in September and at the time I was told I wouldn't need to get surgery again but a year on and over the last few months I have had a lot of pain all throughout the month and I have had the worst periods. I was taking medication nearly everyday for 4 months and I have got fed up and I'm really trying to use my tens. Has anyone else been in this position and is it really possible it wouldn't come back?

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usually Endo can come back within the first year of having a laprostopy but it also depends on whether u were treated in general gynaecology or if it was treated in a endometriosis specialist centre also known as a bsge centre excision is the most successful way of getting rid of endometriosis cells but certain surgeon use ablation which isn't effective in removing endometriosis if it is deep endometriosis xx

Thank you for your reply!! There is apparently only one endometriosis specialist in Northern Ireland, who is my gynaecologist! Should I be able to ask if I had it removed ablation or bsge centre excision?

Yes if u have to be followed up in the clinic u could ask them then or make an appointment with ur gp if u have stage 4 endometriosis it should only be treated in a bsge centre or endometriosis centre as general gynaecology ain't skilled enough to treat severe endometriosis hope this helps and u are on the mend soon xx

Thank you so much for your help! I have an appointment with my GP on the 26th so hopefully I will get something sorted!

Unfortunately endo isn't curable so it can come back after a laparoscopy with removal, if ablation was used tgere is more chance of it returning as thus method purely slice's the endo of but dosnt get the root, where as excision surgery cuts it out from below, however some spots are microscopic and probably would be missed so they would carry on growing and causing pain,

You can ask for you theatres nots that should explain what they did and where,


This is the unfortunate thing. I was told I had a 20% chance of it growing back but I am experiencing a lot of the same pain again so I have booked at GP appointment for later this month and hopefully I get some understanding! Thank you for your help and replying! xx

When you go to gp, ask to be referred to a bsge specialist centre, look up online and find one close to you, and take details to go, lots of God don't even know about these centres, so dint be persuaded to go general gyne, xxx

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