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Can endo cause back pain?


Morning all, I am new to all this although I have had pains and suffered for years. But does endo cause back pain? It got to the point last night that I couldn't even walk properly. The pain is worse on the bottom left hand side but does spread towards the right, my endo pain is in right hip, crutch and right leg. Any advice would be helpful, and I hope today will be a good day for us all xx

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Yes it does. I've suffered back pain because of endo and my spine not bring straight but yes it causes back pain. A lady I know has a hole in her back and spine fist sized because of endo attaching itself

Hi Boo73, I have a lot of back pain and I also have a spine that isn't straight (an osteopath told me this). My pain sometimes starts in my right hip and radiates down my right leg. It also sometimes starts on the right hand side of my back about halfway down and radiates down to the bottom of my back and feels like period pain back ache. I thought it was only because of my spine and because my family has a history of back problems but since reading on here that other ladies also suffer with backache which they say is connected to their Endo, I believe that mine is too now because I don't have it all the time and get flare-ups that usually happen when my Endo is playing up.

Hi Boo73 i had endo 2yrs ago, the pains i was getting was borderline labour pains, i now feel like it has came bk as the pains and symptoms im getting are the same as when i had it. I hope your pains ease for you, take care x

Hi Hun, I've got the same as you, so bad cannot sleep, walk or drive. MRI shows bulging discs but back surgeon says caused by endo in his opinion. X

Whereabouts is your endo? Mines Pouch of Douglas which apparently often causes lower back pain, leg pain as crosses over nerves. I always have sore back radiating down my right hip and legs. Codeine based pain killers and heatpacks may ease slightly. X

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I'm going for my first lap in about 6/8 weeks so not sure where or how advanced it is. Gyne is 99% sure it is endo and I have suffered for years with pain. I have tried heatpacks and paracetamol, codeine makes me ill x

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