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Pain has returned after lap

Hi everyone, only just joined today hoping to find support.

Had a investigative lap done in March 2012 in which they burnt off endo on my ovaries, pain subsided but returned a few months later. Drs decided to put me on cerazette which was AWFUL (turned me a little psycho!), and then to microgynon on a tri cycle. Although I only have periods every three months I am still in awful pain. I rely on my hot water bottle so much!

I have to go back to the gynae in May, what do you think there next step will be?

I am only 23, I have heard this is young to have endo. Just a little scared what the future holds re fertility etc.

Any advice would be great,

Thank you x

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I can't give any good advice, but just so you know I've been through near enough the same as you. You're not alone going through this young, I am only 17 and already thinking about my future when I shouldn't be! Just try to be positive and it'll get you through each day at a time


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