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First Laparoscopy

Hi everyone,

I have recently been told that my consultants (who have suspected endometriosis for quite a long time) want to perform a laparoscopy to investigate and potentially treat what they find. This has come as a slight surprise after years of unresolved symptoms.

Few questions for all you lovelies:

(1) Do any of you have an autoimmune condition too? (I have systemic lupus and am intrigued about whether there is a link)

(2) How long should I take off work? I was provisionally told 1 week if they find nothing, and 2 weeks if they do have to treat. Literature so far seems to say this is a bit quick.

(3) Any tips for recovery and what to have stocked at home or take to the hospital with me?

Thank you in advance to anyone who responds.

Heather xx

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Hello there!

The first one, sorry I can't relate to.

The recovery period, 'everyone is different' blah blah..

On my 1st lap, he did a bit of work and it took me 4 weeks to recover. On my 2nd lap it was purely to look and I felt so different than the first time, I was up and about on day 4 and by a week it was like I hadn't had surgery! (However I must not that the 1st time I was with NHS, and the 2nd private, and I really think the level of care take was different because the difference was phenomenal). I'd say 2 weeks minimum then you are fully recovered and if you need longer if they have done some treatment, hopefully work will understand?

Stock up on peppermint tea, pads, big comfy baggy knickers (optional but I found more comfortable with the incisions areas). Take a book to the hospital, I've waited 1 hour and then 5 hours and then 20minutes to get into theatre! Be prepared for the gas pain. Walk it off, moving really helps. Get a pillow for the journey home in the car, and sleep with pillows to elevate yourself if needed to.

I can't think of anything else, I hope this has helped a little, good luck and I hope it all works out for you xx


Thank you so much for all the advice. That's so helpful :) I'm hoping for a speedy recovery but have given work a heads up so I'm sure they will be fine xx

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I just had my first lap on the NHS and I am back at work 5 days later. I was in surgery for three hours while they lasered off what they could as well the nurse told me to expect pain for a few weeks as I'd had a lot done but it's been fine. Didn't even really have any pain from the gas just a bit hiccupy the first day or so. Not much bleeding either after the day of surgery. Recovery really depends on the individual.

My main recommendation would be loose clothing to get about in as I found my incisions were what gave me the most pain afterwards. I was also lucky enough to be one of the first to be seen so wasn't waiting around long but take a book for the hospital unless you're happy reading showbiz magazines!

Hope it goes well x


Lovely to hear a positive story. If you haven't had it all removed, will you have to have a second one at some point?

Yeah, I think loose clothes are in order and my kindle/music.. I'm an inpatient for this so there will be lots of time to kill! xx


I went in for infertility reasons so I am only just diagnosed as no real concerns with my periods so didn't think I had endo. Turns out it was in my womb, bladder and bowel. They lasered off the endo on my reproductive areas to help with conceiving but left my bowel and bladder due to the risks involved and I guess because I hadn't raised any concerns about it beforehand. I do suffer with UTIs and bowel problems but again never expected endo to be the cause. I don't seem to suffer half as much as the ladies on here thankfully so not planning on any more laps at the moment x

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