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Why am I having abnormal pain and bleeding and pain?

Ok so I havent had sex in almost 10 months, I aplogize now if this gets too gruesome! And im on the depo provera birth control shot, havent had a period or any bleeding for that matter in almost 3 years, and no signs of pms either! And me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time in almost 10 months, and im not trying to talk my man up or anything, but hes hung like a horse, and I dont knowI I he tore something during intercourse or if my hymnya(spelled wrong) grew back?!? Ive had a burning yet itching sensation during urination too, almost as if he did tare something and its healing, but why the abnormal internal bleeding? And its a noraml red colored blood, if anyone can please help me with some info I would appreciate it very much!!!! Thank you

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Hey hun,

Your hymen cant grow back but if you havent had sex in a while you could have been tense and it may have caused tears. If your worried please see your gp. X


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