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Can anyone help recommend a good specialist / doctor for me to see in Edinburgh? I'm a kiwi living over here

I've had 2 laparoscopy operations in Dec2011 & May2012, I've been fine since then, until about Nov2013. The last 3 months my body has changed so much and I know it's my endo. I'm in pain daily, I'm scared it's now affecting my bowels. I'm only 24, can any one please offer some advice for a New Zealand.. Who to see in Edinburgh. Please???

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There is not yet any accredited Endo centre in Edinburgh, but there is a provisional one, just awaiting accreditation.

The 2nd one on the list of provisional centres on the following webpage


we are not allowed to name names or give our reviews of specific surgeons on this forum, so anyone with local advice for you would need to send you a private message.

Your nearest fully accredited endo centre is in Aberdeen (they are few and far between outside of South England - sadly)



Hello, sorry to hear your problems. There is a doctor at edinburgh royal infirmary that is excellent. He has been very good with me and another couple I know. He also works privately at spire. Send me a private msg as didn't realise I can't say names on this. Hope that helps. Get it touch. X


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