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Please can anyone help me im in a serious way

I had a lap done last September and was meant to be starting ivf in april but not all endo was removed although I was not told this. I am now in hospital as collapsed at home and everything is pulling. I have a 5cm cyst and been told its in my bowles meaning i need some removed and also my ovaries are distocated to. This is distroying my life as no work no pay cant pay rent cant get disabilities nothing please is there anyone who can help and advise thank you

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Perhaps when you get out of hospital you could contact the citizens advice bureau and they may be able to help you with the money situation? They have trained advisers who are volunteers so you can speak to them for free.


I'm so sorry you're having such a terrible time.


Thank you hun just seems theres nothing to help severe suferers but i will try thank you xx


Hi, just read your post. so sorry to hear your suffering.

CAB helped me with the help of a letter from my consultant. All symptoms where listed and how it affects my every day life and the extensive surgery I required.

I finally was given some help but only for 6 months whilst recuperating.

I hope you're with a bsge centre?

Feel free to message me if you need more help or advice.



Thank you.

Whats bsge centre never heard of any of them bsge or CAB im googling now lol thank you xx


BSGE stands for The British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy/CAB is the citizens advice bureau . sorry I didn't check if your in the uk?

Hope you're ok. best wishes xx


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