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Can't see a happy ending, can anyone help?

It's been a while since I've been in touch, so much has happened, I'm 28, been in a 6 yr relationship, no kids, desperately want, I have severe endo, an active cyst wrapped round my ovary. Had a flexible sigmoid yesterday and they have found out I am a rare case as now the endo has grown through my bowel wall and have to have part of my bowel removed and a stoma bag on. I have to have a laparoscopy and an endoscopy surgery in three weeks just so they can plan my major surgery, then when I've healed from the "look around" procedure I can have the complex surgery they need to do, they keep telling me it's going to be a risky op, i am frightened to death. 7-10 hours long! They've also said I can't concieve naturally as my tubes are damaged and have a toxic liquid in them so they need to block them off and I should look into IVF after, I'm 28 and my boyfriend is 26, non smokers, Bmi are fine, how many chances do we get, I'm just terrified, it's a lot of news to get in one day and it's hard to see my happy ending, can anyone shed any light please id be so grateful x

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im so sorry to hear your news, sending you lots of hugs, if you want to chat anytime just message me, it must be so hard and must of been such a shock.

i feel for you i really do. x


Thankyou very much I appreciate it :) xx


Hi - are you having the surgery at a specialist endo centre?


I'm at a specialist clinic in Preston in Lancashire, they are good specialists and have been great with me so far, just heartbroken at what they've found out x


Specialist clinic at Preston hospital for the surgery x


Hi - you are being seen by proper specialists and even though this sort of surgery is complex it is being done by surgeons who are very experienced at it. So hold on to the knowledge that they have built up these skills over many years. The surgeries they do at these centres for your sort of endo do take many hours and that is because they are so meticulous and careful. That is a good thing and you are in the right place. I do hope you have a good outcome x


Hi darling, just wNted to say how sorry I am to hear your news, it's very hard to see the end result, im glad your happy with the specialists dealing with your case, at least that's one Good thing,

It's a scary prospect not being Able to conceive, but have a look back on some of the posts, there are plenty of ladies that have conceived through ivf, so try not to worry about that yet,

It will go by quicker than you think, and within no time you will be fighting fit,

Good luck with every thing



I'm so sorry you've been through so much already. What a shock it must have been, so much to take in.

I've had a flexi sigmoidoscopy to look for endo in the bowel (they didn't find it, but I'm still convinced it's there). The bowel prep is the worst, glugging 2 litres of that vile liquid eh!

To answer your question about IVF and how many rounds of treatment you can have on the NHS, I believe it depends on where you live. I know in my area (Wales) we only get 1 but other areas get 3.

Be gentle with yourself, take care and good luck for the surgery



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