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Mirena coil anyone?

Can anyone tell me if they have had the coil fitted for endo? My first time fitted it in surgery.

If so what has been your experiences?

5 weeks on my belly is swollen I look about 6 mths pregnant! Im not.

Pains on the left which are very uncomfy pain relief not helping at all!!

Been to the Dr examined didn't say anything was wrong with it!

Pain keeps moving behind belly button, left side and right side!

Please help any advice grateful as I am starting to think surgery from 5weeks ago has not worked in any way feel as though they have happily fitted it but no information about it if this is all normal or not :(

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Themirena has for me been awesome. It certainly does take settling in time.

Tweeks twinges and whatnot for a few months is common, but as they are nothing to the pain of cysts or endo or period pains, it is certainly worth ploughing on till it can build up layers of goop that stop the uterus lining from shedding and therefore stopping your periods. because to have them stopped is simply liberating.

No period pains, bleeding. tablets, tampons towels, PMT, expense, inconvenience and so on.

You get back so much time that would be wasted on periods.

A Period exactly ever 4 weeks is a quarter of each year wasted literally on periods and probably a lot more than that as many with endo have lengthy heavy periods.

So in practical terms, it really is worth putting up with for as long as you can bear it, because when it does settle down it will make such a transformation to quality of daily living.

It doesn't suit everyone, and some ladies cannot bear the niggles of it settling in and opt to get it removed but if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and can put up with the initial stages it really can be a little miracle of a gadget.


Thank you did you get any pains with it at all and did your bely swell x


A lot of girls seem to have the coil fitted after there op and treatment of endo. This was never said to me I just continue to take my pill. Maybe see a nurse or a different doctor. It could be that your bowel was slightly damaged during the op and had now herniered which would cause you to look pregnant! It doesn't means it's ruptured just moved out of place. It's commen for it to happen after a lap because of how close the bowel is to the treatment area. Xx


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