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Am I supposed to receive the results of my laparoscopy before I leave the hospital?

I just had a call from the hospital confirming my laparoscopy and Mirena next Wednesday 22nd January. The consultant has always been very skeptical about finding anything and said it was very much my decision to go ahead but pushed the Mirena option.

I asked about what would happen after the surgery and whether I would be told the results before I leave the ward. The nurse told me it would be unlikely that I would see the consultant after the surgery and that I may see her in 2-3 months or be discharged there and then!!

I feel very anxious about the whole thing never mind waking up and being sent home not knowing anything :(

What experience has everyone else had?

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Hey, I had my laparoscopy and mirena option (which I was uneasy about and not 100% happy about) on 9th Jan, and had similar worries to you. Obv you want to know what they find, my registrar came round to me when I'd just woken up and confirmed stuff - cyst removal that wasn't what was part of original operation plan. That was all I had. They confirmed endo but didn't go in to specifics, but I was too groggy to take it all in and ask any questions - which a week later I'm quite frustrated at as now have to wait for follow up in 1/2 months. So my advice would be to maybe write any questions down that you have - any you think of for different scenarios. That they can answer either on paper or to you when you're with it (unlike I was). Happy to let you know what I would have asked with hindsight! Good luck - you'll be fine. I was apprehensive, but a week on doing ok! :)


Hi KTJohnson,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It's really helpful to read about other experiences. I hope you are recovering well - not in too much pain! It's very frustrating this whole waiting game. 1/2 months can feel like a lifetime when you're in pain and feeling down.

It would be great to know what you would have asked if you don't mind? How are you finding the Mirena ? I'm worried about that so called settling in period!

Emma x


hey I had my first lap last march, the consultant came straight round to me whilst still feeling the effects of morphine and GA. told me I had stage 3/4 endo, asked if my family was complete and I said no I haven't got any children. he said I would not conceive naturally and did I want IVF. I Was alone and heart broken in the hospital I could not make decisions like that without my partner so I just broke down crying. i was then expected to stay there for a further 4 hours, i could not i asked the nurse to discharge me and my partner to collect me. in my opinion they should not tell you straight after surgery, the GA makes you emotional and if the news is bad you need to have the option to have support around you. when i became more lucid i was annoyed i hadn't asked all the questions i wanted to. at least you have time to prepare when having a follow up. procedure is really easy and you have nothing to be worried about, recovery is different for all people but i find best to keep moving xxxx good luck


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