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Anyone had a MRI to diagnose diaphragmatic endometriosis


I'm convinced that I have endometriosis on my diaphragm but told it's a nine month waiting list for my laparoscopy. I'm seeing a private consultant Monday just so she can do a MRI in the hope they will find something that causing all the pain in my upper abdomen. Has anyone had a positive experience with a MRI?

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Yeah MRI is a good way to diagnose the endo


I think I have diaphragmatic endo too I have a lump on my rib and digestion. I would be interested if you get any info. My consultant isn't interested.


Yeah I will let you know how it goes. Im seeing a private consultant Monday hopefully get the scan the same week and then wait for results. I have pain under my ribs and very breathless. It's frustrating if no one is listening, that's why it can take yrs to diagnose.

Good luck xx

Hi, mime was diagnosed only after a laparoscopic surgery. It doesn’t show on MRI scan...

MRI scans can be useful if there is someone skilled in endometriosis reading them! The local hospital were a nightmare when it came to scans and understanding what they found or as they put it didn't find but when I was referred through to specialist team they had the equipment and the professionals to properly investigate endometriosis through MRI. In my case they could see the mass in my abdomen but it didn't show any of the markers of endometriosis and even when they took it out despite being specialists they still didn't think it was endometriosis so only pathology results confirmed it.. so in unusual presentations no amount of scans can help but they certainly help you access a treatment plan. Hope your appointment on Monday goes well and is the start of you getting answers and a treatment plan xx

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Thank you. Hopefully get some answers

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