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Feeling down after Laparoscopy for Endo excision


Hello, I had my first laparoscopy on 13th Jan, endo excision and mirena fitted. Ive been off work since, i want to go back but for some reason i cant...for the past few days ive felt so down, i cry randomly throughout the day, i feel so lonely even though i have family and friends to talk to. I recently went through a bad break up so i know it all relates back to that, but before my surgery i was ok (ish). Ive read that you can feel sad after any operation, could this be why im feeling so low? I have also been getting the worst stomach pains due to my period, which doesnt help during my recovery as this pain is the worst pain ive had. Im not sure what good writing this will do but i just need to get it out, i dont know what to do, should i call my doctors? i am 25 and my work are supportive but i feel as if i dont care about anything right now :(

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I felt very weepy and sad after both of my laps. I think it is part of the recovery process. Please try not to be hard on yourself, it's still very early days in your recovery. I was off work three weeks each time and wouldn't have been able to go back earlier. X

I think what your going through deserves time, so take the time. You can't snap your fingers and make everything OK, so try not to force it. Take each hour as it comes, some will be better than others and list the things you like to do e.g read that book, watch that film, and plan in to do them. I find sitting or lying around thinking about things is the worst for me. I get so teary. Netflix has helped me enormously! Take it easy on yourself and when you're physically able to you'll be able to ease yourself back into work.

I would suggest at least putting a call into your doc. and/or making an appointment. It's possible your body just needs time or it could be how your body is either adjusting to/affected by the Mirena .. Unfortunately it is really hard to know for sure so all you can do is hear what your doc. thinks and use that along w/ how you're feeling to make an informed decision.

Sorry you're not feeling so good. It sounds like depression to me which is not unusual with endo or after surgery. You need to think of it as a chemical imbalance and your body just needs a bit of support for a while to get back in balance. A bit like if you were diabetic and needed insulin. So ask your gp for some anti depressants and hopefully you'll feel better in a couple of weeks and then you'll be in a better place to think through everything and get your enthusiasm back for work and life in general. Good luck.

Its very early days. I am just nine weeks post excision and only just driving and getting back to things. I have felt very low over the last few weeks. Be gentle with yourself, maybe some gentle distraction x

Very similar experience. I still find it tough. I know it's the last thing you want to do but I've found getting moving helps with all of it.

I've had three surgeries and ivf. It's made me feel very anxious and unhappy at times. I've found a walk or jog if you feel up to it/have healed will make you feel better about yourself.

I think endo really changes the way we view our bodies, you need to remind yourself that you are strong and you can feel better. Xx

Thank you for your replies, they have helped me gain insight that im not the only one who goes through this problem and feel this way. I honestly thought i would bounce back from the surgery fine but my pains getting worse the more into the recovery i go. I think where my cycle is due i am feeling the pain from that even more so and its getting me down.

My consultant sent me a letter of findings: "endometriotic deposits in the ovarian fossa just about the ureter on the left uterosacral ligament and in the pouch of douglas on the right side. Endometriosis on the left ovary" - just wondered if any of you had something similar and what pains you felt if so just so i i can put my mind at rest? X

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