I was diagnoised in june and had lap and lazer surgery to remove but by nov I had that same pain in my left side. I have just been back to hospital and they told me I must take injections or there is nothing they can do for me. I have been taking pill back to back which did help slightly but im sure they have missed some endo. I want them to cut it out rather than lazer as I have read it seems to deliver better results. I also have pcos and because of side affects with injection I really don't want it. Also am confussed as will I EVER be free of this disease or will I have it even after menopause.

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  • You DO NOT have to have the injections!!! I was diagnosed 9 years ago and have tried everything including back to back pills, mirena, even ablation (which didn't work) and they've been pushing the injections at me since December 2012 I have stuck to my guns and refused them. At the last offer (last Wednesday) I again refused stating again that they've messed my hormones up enough over the years and I've never refused any other treatments but enough is enough and they've now decided to of a hysterectomy in April. I know it's not guaranteed to sort me but at least I feel like it's giving me some hope.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is there are other options just stand your ground and refused to be pushed into anything xx

  • Very interesting reading this. I've refused prostap injections as I don't like the sound of the side effects. I'm going back to the specialist end of next month to see what can be done instead. I'm 48 with fibroids and having a 10 day period then spot bleeding most days. Really fed up but refuse to mess up my body with hormones ie the injection and hrt!

  • Thx everyone I am going to stand my ground and say no. Anyone been treated at Middlesbrough hospital as I think that is where they are going to send me if I refuse injections.

  • Hi just wanted to say that zoladex injections with fem seven patches was the best treatment I had over the last 11 years, I'm actually going back on it again on Friday as after my 7th lap in June my Endo is back again! They aren't for everyone and its totally a trial and error thing with finding treatment that works for each person. You have to be the one that chooses what you want and if you want another lap then push for that. I have also tried prostap and danazol too and they were both awful! Good luck to what ever you decide to do just wanted to give you a positive post on Zoladex.

  • Last time I had fem seven hrt patches that are low dose and they helped control the hot flushes and the mood swings for me. I've asked for the same again this time. The one thing that did effect me was memory, I'd have a bit of a brain fog and I think I put on a little bit of weight oh and my boobs got bigger (I was happy with that tho) I think if you don't have hrt the worst symptoms are the hot flushes and night sweats and the moodiness. But each person is different..

  • hi thx very much for your comments but still not sure what to do for best thx hope your all well.

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