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Nose bleeds & Endo: Is this a normal part of the condition?

Periods started at 13yrs old, after 18months of complaining about the pain and the clotty mess I was put onto the pill for a few years.

Now aged 29yrs 8 months ago I've come off the Depo injection and all hell has broken loose.

Period paid that leaves me bed ridden for 48hrs (before I start bleeding) and nose bleeds for 24-36hrs.

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If your nose bleeds are not clotting - that is not so much an issue with your nose but with your blood clotting factors. There are tablets to take to improve your blood's clotting capabilities, Speak to your GP about them. You can only take then for 4 days max per period, but they can help a lot. Tranexamic Acid is the one I was on. May not clot all the little wonds but clotting any of them is always a help.

Nosebleeds are not to do with endo - but with fragile nasal linings that are prone to damage and bleeding - that can happen in men women and children. it's pretty indiscriminate and annoying. Improving your iron levels always helps when you have had a bleeding episode to ward off anaemia - but the clotters can help too. Tablets are whopper sized though - if you aren't that keen on monster tablets.

Ask you Gp to check your blood iron levels and see if you need any more that booster iron tablets. Regular ones are available from the chemists and health food shops etc.

You body is struggling to cope with all the extra clotting required of it - buy having endo in addition to having the uterus active again too, so having an unstoppable nose bleed is no great surprise either. If you cut a finger is could take some time to clot too.

But there is help available - which is good news. Good luck with it.


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