Does anybody know if Endometriosis or related gynae issues are covered by AXA PP?

I have private medical insurance and as a result of an ultrasound for abdominal pain, a 4cm Cyst was found and the consultant has referred me back to my gynaecologist that I had my laparoscopy (when diagnosed with endo) in 2012 (that time I was lucky to have it done NHS but in a private hospital). This time my health insurance at work has been upgraded and I want to try and get the treatment through my healthcare, but when I called up they seemed very suspicious. Asking me lots of questions about trying to get pregnant (which I am not), have I ever tried to get pregnant, had a miscarriage etc.? They want a letter of referral from the consultants secretary, which is fair enough, but they said they won't approve it until then. I have never had this problem with them before about anything.

Also, can I be covered if it is endometriosis if it is a chronic illness? Any help appreciated.... Thanks ladies. x

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I have axa ppp through work and they have covered my current bills. They ask lots about getting pregnant etc and i just have to call for an authorisation code prior to appointments and pay a 15% excess. Well worth it. Good luck x

AXA PPP will only cover treatment for endometriosis related pain, not endo caused infertility, hence the questions. Be careful though, the treatment for endo pain may compromise future fertility so if you do want kids try to get an understanding gynaecologist that won't just want to remove everything.

I had quite a fight with Axa - they asked loads of questions and then asked for all my notes, and somewhere along the way (before I had private insurance) a GP has put that I was suffering from bad period pain. The insurance company then refused to cover me as they said that period pain was a symptom of endo, so it was a pre existing condition. Despite letters from GP, consultant, HR dept at work, they refused to cover me, so I had my lap done NHS in the end. Seems to me they will do anything to get out of covering treatment!! Good luck, hope you have more success than I did.

Some ppp cover will cover pre existing, mine does, they are covering me for another lap even though had two already so pre existing before cover even started. Think it depends on the level of cover you have x

Thank you ladies. Alll very helpful and appreciated. I am not sure whether they cover pre-existing issues or not but the way she was questioning me i felt like she was trying to catch me out! Fingers crossed! My nhs hospital is awful, do want to avoid it if possible. Last time i was lucky and got nhs in a private hospital but i may not have such good luck a second time x

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