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Upper Abdo pain

Hi all,for the past 5-6weeks I have been getting upper abdominal pain,initially it was associated with eating but now it happens all the time.I am awaiting a diagnostic laprscopy of endometriosis but just wondered if other people get upper Abdo pain,is this associated with endo or is it something else?I have had stool samples which have shown bowel inflammation,I received a referral to be assessed by Gastro however my appointment is in July?!!The Pain I get is cramping/stitching pain from my ribs to my belly button,and I feel tender on my upper abdomen too.Would be great to hear views and if other people have the same.Thanks

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Hiya, I have stage 4 endo localised to the bowel and pouch of Douglas I was diagnosed with gerd, acid reflux and a possible stomach ulcer in Feb this year, it WAS very food based pain for me but now its continuous I take omeprazole for the acid reduction and ranitidine for gerd (basically bad indigestion in case ur not familiar) I've got a new ebdometrioma pressing upwards towards my stomach too. Ranitidine is available in supermarkets (I get mine in a blue box in Morrison's) I get a repeat prescription for omeprazole u can buy them but they are very expensive, about £10 for 6 tablets. I took ranitidine and the pain practically disappeared it was such relief, my best guess as to why I get the pain would be the endo on the bowel (I'd say inflammation) hope this helps xx


Yes i get this and i am awaiting an app ,i have it in the bowel and i know 99% its endo,been the worst pain i have ever had,i get pelvic pain at the same time.I have only been off for four days in the last 6 weeks and the pain went as if a switch had been flicked,today after 4 days off i am already getting pain which i think will mean i will be on again by tomorrow,i hope not as the oain is vile and constant.


Its possible you have an infection you should talk to your gp about antibiotics, I get so many infections, all over my body not just endo related areas but the excess bleeding is a concern


Same, I have womb stuck to bowel. Waiting on second op. Now I just eat egg and toast or chicken.

Plain foods are only ones that don't give me pain. Now doc thinks I have gallstones now Yeyyyyy. Due to estrogen.

Crap xx


Have just been diagnosed with stage 1 endo on my womb, I have exactly the same pains as you're describing! When having my lap my surgeon noticed my bowel was very inflamed and suggested it was IBS, however I'm not convinced, but luckily it wasn't endo on my bowel!

When explaining my symptoms at the doctors I had to do a stool sample test to test for something called 'helicobacter', which related to my symptoms (the upper abdo pain)- this is something to do with a stomach ulcer.. Luckily it wasn't that, but Maybe get to your doctor and suggest they test for this?

My pains still haven't gone away in that specific place after my lap, but hopefully in time I will find an explanation.

I hope your pain subsides soon


Thanks,yes I am being tested for helicobacta,awaiting results.I have inflammation in my bowel as I've been told from a stool sample but we are still not sure if this is linked to endo or completely separate and may even be the cause of my pain if they don't find endo on my diagnostic laparoscopy.Just hate the waiting,referrals and tests!

Thank you all for your replies xx


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