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New to all this but not new to the pain!

Hi,I'm 38 & have been experiencing pain in my lower back & abdomen,pain at the top of thighs, ovary like pain, like a dull period ache most of the time through my cycle, I've always had painful periods & what I would describe as ovulation pain. I've had ultrasound, internal exam & blood tests, feel like I'm going crazy some days, I'm waiting for app at pelvic pain clinic, Dr suggested it may be endometriosis & from reading all your posts & Dr Google I'm thinking that's the case. Are there any other tests they do before lap? I'm terrified at the thought ! Any advice on how to ease pain & what to expect from my app would be gratefully received xxxx crystal x

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Im also having a lot of lower back pain and the same pain in my tubes. Ive just been to an endo clinic and I feel they were useless. I asked for an mri as not much showed on ultrasound and echo. But she was very negative and said she even didn't know what the lower back pain was...

She said because you are now in.the menopause leave it for a while and after 3 months lets discuss another lap. That would be 4th lap and one hysterectomy leaving ovaries over span of 15years . Ive just had abother sleepless night and feel down and sad. Im kinda glad though to read that someone else has similar symptoms. Stay strong. Ive just started the endo diet again. Ill follow it the,best I can


Thanks for your reply, sorry to hear you too are suffering, it's such a worry as many of the symptoms are the same as ovarian cancer & it's even more a worry when you don't get anywhere with the professionals! What is the endo diet? I'm interested in any advice on how to reduce symptoms, my doctor suggested various contraception but due to family history of high BP, Blood clots & strokes I can't take many . Initially my Dr told me to "just chew on the pain killers"! Which is not at all helpful.


Its a very strict diet. I wont be able to follow it completely as I eat at work 5 days a week. But ive started juicing again. So 2 times a day fruit and spinach juice. I use 3oranges, 2kiwis with skin and two handfuls of spinach. You cant taste the spinach or kale with strong tasting fruits. For the rest im trying gluten free products. My biggest issue will be not having a slice of cake on the weekend or bar of chocolate.

Ill send you the link for the diet. I did it and for the first 2 months it worked, then the pain came back. So I.thought sod this, im having some sugar now and again


Thanx that's interesting, will give it a go x


Hi you have my sympathies, I'm going through similar. Thankfully got gynae consultation next week and hoping for answers...

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