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What are my chances of it coming back


Had lap done in September , surgeon removed Endo on ovary and bladder and womb, I also had an ablation done, have not had a period since and not really had any pain, get slight twinges in my right side but nothing like I had before, wondered what are my chances of the Endo coming back again.

My consultant is based hundreds of miles from me so I haven't seen him since lap was done, as I went to a specialist in Endo, so haven't spoken to him to ask him.

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It's very hard to say as each person is different but as there is no cure then quite possible it will come back but could be a long time from now, enjoy feeling well I say! You should have a check up after your lap though, did you? Merry Christmas


I havent had any check up at all, there was complications with the op and I was in hospital for 6 weeks , got a letter from hospital on my discharge and it said he would phone me in a couple of weeks, but he never did..

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I think you should get in touch with hospital as usually they send you a letter in the post to have a check up


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