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What are the stages?

What are the stages?

I have read this a few times in in people's comments. I have recently ( almost 3 wks ago ) had a lap half my ovary was removed as well as a 10cm endometrial cyst, I was informed that I had endometrial scaring on my bladder. I was not given any advice from the hospital regarding the endo, part from pain relief and wound care.

I went to see my GP as I was concerned with nausea ( due to the anaesthetic) and one of the wounds.

I have since had a lot of pain and burning sensations, and hip pain is this normal?

Sorry for going on. Thanks for any advice in advance.

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Hi. No need apologise, you were not going on. Thank you for sharing your story with us all. I am pleased to hear that something is being done for you and they have found an answer for you.

I have not had a Lap so do not know if the pains you are feeling after it are normal or not. My guess is it could be pains due to the fiddling around that has gone on in your body and your nerves etc are trying to deal with it. Are you due to have a follow up appointment with the gyno? Maybe then they will tell you more about the endo they found and what it all means? If not perhaps ask your GP?

Sorry I cannot give you any firm answers. But I wanted to respond to say thanks for your story and to let you know that there are people on here who care.

I hope the pains ease for you soon and the nausea goes away too.

Best wishes xx


P.S - I think the stages are relating to how extreme/advanced the endo is?


Taken from wikipedia though there are numerous website that mention the stages of endo and some have illustrations too:

Stage I (Minimal)

Findings restricted to only superficial lesions and possibly a few filmy adhesions

Stage II (Mild)

In addition, some deep lesions are present in the cul-de-sac

Stage III (Moderate)

As above, plus presence of endometriomas (over 2cm) on the ovary and more adhesions.

Stage IV (Severe)

As above, plus large endometriomas, extensive adhesions.

You sound like your somewhere between a stage 3 and 4.

Stage 4 is the depth of the endo lesions and usually indicates that they have grown deep in to the walls of other organs, and the glued up adhesions are extensive sticking your organs to each other.

As for your post op symptoms, they sound like you possibly had some diathermy (laser treatment) done on existing endo spots. This burns you inside, and the side effects are as if you have raging sunburn inside which like real sunburn does calm down eventually and turn very itchy inside too. I had extensive diathermy done and the itchy insides lasted longer than the sunburn feeling inside but it took weeks to get cleared up. Quite normal.

You will get pains and twinges and tugs and groans down below until your organs have found the right place to settles down again, seeing as they had to make way for the 10cm grapefruit endometrioma, now there is rattling around room and your freed up organs will lead you a merry dance of pains till they find a comfy spot to settle down in to again.

Be careful of any signs of infection which is hardened tummy swelling, red sore skin at the wound sites and feeling sick and feverish. In which case see the GP or call your gynae ward and speak to them. At 3 weeks you are probably over the worst of it by now and it should begin to ease off gradually.

You've had a humungous op and been poked prodded and stabbed and it does take quite some time to return to pain free normal. 3 weeks is nothing in recovery terms, you'll get there eventually, be kind to yourself and don't rush to recovery or overdo it and have a set back.


Hope you feel better honey.

Don't worry if your consultant doesn't stage you, some don't "believe" in numerical staging and say it's counter-productive. Mine said he has seen women with technical stage 1 or 2 in worse pain than someone at stage 3 or 4 and that it's unfair to tell someone with agonising life-ruining pain that they have a mild case of anything!

Before your follow up have a look at the treatment/management options on a website like Endo-resolved and see what you think about them. Sometimes at follow-up there is too much to take in and if you aren't confident in what your thoughts are you can end up without the treatment/management/action that's right for you: if that makes sense at all!x


Hello ladies,

I saw my GP this morning, he said the wounds are healing and my stomach feel as it should, I mentioned the burning sensations (which is just like sunburn, I never thought of it like that) which is also under my lower ribs especially first thing in the morning etc he seemed to think it was the normal healing process and I asked about staging he wasn't sure about ...I will look at the websites you have suggested.

As for follow up with the consultant I haven't got one, I have only seen my GP since the lap also no advice on endo if its all gone?, will it come back ? and I didn't think to ask.

Thanks again for your advice x


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