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Migraines relating to endo?

I feel a bit of a fraud here seeing as I haven't been diagnosed with endo, but i have been told it's a possibility and there's a history of it in my family.

In short, ive been unwell since early october, with sickness, nausea, pain in abdomen, really heavy periods and constant headaches. Ive been back and forth between doctors and the hospital and all tests so far have come back normal. The next thing is an ultrasound which im currently waiting on an appointment letter for. My last trip to the hospital was due to my headache lasting over 2 weeks, and i couldnt move my neck properly and in general it just made me very poorly. Anyway, the hospital diagnosed severe migraine and gave me tramadol to take when the pain gets too bad. On the whole, its worked and sometimes im able to use paracetemol and ibuprofen instead (i am a it wary of the stronger painkillers!). I have since started another period and although the hospital said they didn't think the abdomen pain/menstrual problems were connected to the migraine, im starting to think that they might be. It's definitely gotten worse since being on, and i just feel it's too much of a coincidence really for them not to be connected. So my main question is: does anybody who has endo notice that they too have bad headaches/migraines?

I'm aware that I might not have endo, but at the same time a lot of my symptoms over the past few months do suggest it. I was off work recently for around 2 weeks due to all the pain - the only saving grace was that i was able to work from home as my migraine made me sensitive to noise not light, so at least i was able to look at a laptop screen!

Best wishes to you all! X

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I never used to get headaches until I got endo around 5 Years ago. In the last 2 or 3 years I started getting migraines and would throw up. Horrendous. I have endo nodules on my rectum but I don't want to speak to early but since I have had the second one cut out 3 weeks ago I haven't had a migraine. Before my op I started getting around 3 a week as they were getting worse. So yes I would definitely say migraines are a definite link to endo. My mum has always said headaches comes from your bowel, I never knew what she meant back then but I understand that now. It makes sense x


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