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Has anyone else had regrowth of ovarian endometriomas despite surgery and Prostap injections?!

I had a laparoscopy in 2012 where my cysts (endometriomas) were removed and my endometriosis confirmed. I then started Prostap and Livial but had regrowth of a 14cm cyst. I then had a laparotomy in June this year and the cysts cut away rather than drained and then started bacl on the prostap in August. Ive just had another scan and theyve found cysts on both ovaries, one of them a confirmed endometrioma!! Im due to see my consultant in January but wondered if anyone else had experience of this!?

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Yes they can refill if they burst - they can grow new ones too, and very quickly after getting rid of the old ones. They should monitor them and if they are fast growing or angry and causing pains then you will probably b given the option to have these ones removed too.

One way to half the trouble caused by ovarian cysts is to have one ovary removed. That at least gives you a cyst free future on one side, while the remaining ovary is quite capable of keeping your body topped up with hormones. It doesn't stop the remaining ovary having a few more adventures with cysts but it is certainly a bonus to have one side free from such issues. I say that from my own experience.

And yes I hve had cysts burst and refill up - and surgery to remove the beasts and have a not so new one which has been there oo about a year now I rekon. It only causes me occasional problems - so not in any hurry to have it taken out just yet.

The one on that side before surgical removal got to 8cm and I never felt a thing. Some cysts are quiet and wel behaved.


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