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Endo worsening during pregnancy?

I got diagnosed with endo in 2009 and back then if was 'mild deposits' I had 6months of zolly and fell pregnant straight away! After my daughter was born I had thd mirena coil and then had it removed as it didn't suit me so had more zolly this last 6months. Just had my 2nd lap and it severe, apparently I'm in a real mass and it's now on my PofD too! I just wondered of anyone else's endo had grown so quickly and aggressively whilst having treatment and pregnancy!?? Xxxxx

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Hi, Congrats on becoming a Mum!

My situation is slightly different. I've never tried zoladex for my symptoms, but have lots of friends who have. However, I had my Son 16 months ago and noticed after 6 that my endo was worsening. I'm now at the point that I need more surgery - it took me a few years for the pain to get this bad before. So in short, yeah I've found that after pregnancy the endo has grown more aggressively!

I'm sorry that prob doesn't help your situation, but you're not alone!

Hope you're coping with the aftermath if surgery and having a little one! Xx


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