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Worsening symptoms, are these due to endo?

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I’m a 21 year old who has been diagnosed with endo. Along with my usual symptoms, the past few months I have had bleeding in between my periods with this month it being much worse with there being a lot of brown/red blood and have just passed a large blood clot. Is this normal?

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I’m 21 too, I haven’t been diagnosed with anything but I’ve just had a second period this month and have the exact same thing as you with the lots of brown and blood clots! I’m not entirely sure what’s normal and what’s not (as I’m clueless to what I’ve actually got wrong with me) but you’re not the only one!

Endometriosis is more about pain.

Hey, endometriosis isn’t just about pain, spotting into between periods can also be a sign of endo. I don’t think it’s normal as we aren’t supposed to bleeding outside of our period. But it’s always best to speak to your GP or gynae xx

I have had endo since I was 16 and I'm 41 now. For years and years what you describe are the types of periods I have. Heavy clotting and bleeding and large chunks of uterine lining being flushed out. Many women I know who have this disease have similar menstrual cycles. And because of the pain and other associated symptoms during each cycle they tend to take a continuous OCP.

Whilst it could be a symptom of endo, please go to your GP as it could be a whole range of other things

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lizzie333 in reply to Giraffe92

Yes thank you, I am going to book an appointment as I am used to my usual symptoms of endo however, these new ones are really worrying me as the blood is a lot more than spotting

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Giraffe92 in reply to lizzie333

I'll bet! It's so concerning when there are new symptoms. Good luck with the appointment :)

This isnt normal. Please go see a doctor. Good luck

Thank you all for your replies. I will make an appointment to see the doctor ASAP and let you know the outcome x

I had the same symptoms for a very long time, worsening to an extended that I was bleeding all the time with two days without blood a month. Countless trips to the gp... finally I got contraceptive pills and they helped after 6 months. But I was offered to take two or three a day as well which is crazy I think, I was also offered a coil which I didn't want or histerectomy. Contraception helps. Although I still am bloated for around two weeks each month( period time) even though I don't bleed at all anymore. And I love it!!!!

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