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Is the Mirena coil as good as they say it is?

Okay, so I cannot use condom's because I have a latex allergy and even the latex free ones dry me out and I've tried every pill possible and I've not like them. The effects have been awful and so the Mirena was not only just a savior for my Endo but also my only contraceptive. Now my question is, is it as good as it's supposed to be as that 1% possibility of falling pregnant scares the hell out of me and I don't want it to ruin things with my boyfriend. I am in no way fit enough to be a mother, kids are not in my near future as I am more career focused but at the same time sex is far better when my boyfriend doesn't have to pull out but afterwards there is always the fear of getting pregnant and it terrifies me. I've asked my GP for the morning after pill but they won't give it to me as they say I don't need it cause I have the coil in.

Is there anything else I can use or do?

Thankfully me Endo hasn't returned, or that's what my last Lap said but if it does come back then a Hysterectomy is my only option left.

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Spermicidal gel might be a help, cervical sponge or cervical cap can also assist in previnting pregnancies...so too the morning after pill - and the less reliable

withdraw before ejection. Then there is the alternative ways of being intimate without actually having penetrative sex.. e.g. oral.

Or figuring out when you are ovulating -as you still ovulate when a mirena is installed...and have sex when you are least fertile - which is not quite so spontaneous.

There certainly are plenty of possible options to consider if a pregnancy is to be avoided.

If you visit a family planning clinic or a chemists they can give you the morning after pill - whether you have a coil in or not. They don't examine you down below- just ask you.

Explain you have a latex allergy and you cannot use condoms. I'm sure they will help you out. The mirena itself when it is fully working and has stopped your periods should by then have become covered with thick layers of goop which partly hold it in place, partly stop the uterus lining shedding completely every month ...and partly act as a thick goopy barrier to stop the egg getting through from one direction and the sperm getting anywhere near the egg from the other direction. Pegnancy would be extremely unlikely with a mirena coil that has already managed to stop your menstrual lining from shedding as by then it will be quite heavily coated and acting a bit like a bung in the top of a bottle.


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