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First period after taking the pill back to back for 9 months, extremely nervous, any advice?

Hi! I'm new to this and I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but I usually find everyone's posts and answers so useful and informative that I'm hoping you can help me too.

I had my first lap in May this year after 10 years of pain and being told it was normal for women. I was then diagnosed with stage 3 endo on my left side and some on my bowel and bladder.

My specialist decided that as I was relatively pain free whilst on the pill I would take it continuously for 9 months to try and trick my body into thinking it was pregnant as this can apparently help to clear it up/ stop it progressing.

I'm coming to the end of my nine months and I'm so nervous! I've enjoyed being able to live my life and I'm terrified of the pain I'll be in again.

My specialist has said if I have trouble to call his secretary and he'll bring our next appointment closer, but he also said that it would then mean would need to treat this medically. He sounded quite sombre and serious when he said it so now I'm even more worried...which I know won't help me come the end of the week!

Anyway, sorry to go on, I was just wondering if anyone else has been in this situation and how they had found it?

Thanks for reading this!

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Hi Lilybean. I have had stage 4 endo since 1996 and the treatments I have been through so far are: 3 laparoscopys for ablations (this is where they take you to theatre and burn off as much of the endo as possible), I've had every contraceptive pill and injections, also had the mirena coil fitted too. I know it sounds a scary process, but it's not that bad once you have all the information. There are a lot of postings on here that will be helpful to you in regards to people's experiences with various treatments. May I suggest you take some time to browse through the comments as it will be helpful to you and will also give you some insight as to what questions you should ask your Consultant at your next appointment. I do hope this is of help to you and if you want to private msg me for a more detailed chat about my experiences, please feel free to do so anytime. xx


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