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Down in the dumps!

I had a lap in jan of this year as I was rushed into hospital with horrendous pain on my right side - it turned out that I had an ovarian cyst on my right ovary which was pressing on my kidney. They drained the cyst and found another on the left ovary which had been causing bad 'period pain' every month, which resulted in me going back into hospital in April this year for a second lap. As the cyst on my left ovary was pretty bad they ended up removing it and the tube.

I was put on the injection to stop my periods (1 injection to last 3 months) and was given HRT. I was fine on this and thoroughly enjoyed not having any periods.

Since August I've been waiting for my period to return and it did this weekend. I feel like I have gone back 12 months. I've had some 'shows' between August and now, but this time it's horrendous. I'm in pain, spent yesterday curled up in bed with a hot water bottle and popping pills as often as I could. The pain is on my left side - HOW! The ovary has gone and I was told this is what was giving me the original pain.

Is this how it's going to be again???? I've tried to be positive and think it's not as bad as it was - but I'm kidding myself!

I'm unsure whether to get to the docs next week to discuss it or leave it and wait to see if the next one is as bad - maybe my body is trying to get back to normal? The annoying thing is that I was at the hospital this week, telling the consultant how great I feel and that everything was fine (which at the time it was) and she has now discharged me.

I hate feeling like this - I hate my body, I hate periods and how they make you feel.


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I have the exact pain that they had also told me was caused by a cyst on my left Overy so they lazered it off. Since like 2days after my lap which was 13/11/2013 the pain i originally had before the lap had come back, i was then told i had Endo and had no choice but to have zoladex injections once a month for three months. I'm still in mass pain even when I'm not on my period although my pain is much worse whilst I'm on a period. My doctor has prescribed me 200dihydocodine tablets since then and i now have 30left. I saw the consultant last Thursday and she said that on their side they have done everything they can as when they found then Endo they also got rid of most of it and was told that the little bit left shouldn't be causing me any pain what so ever. So i have now had a referral sent to a pain clinic to see what they can do as I'm in excruciating amounts of pain daily iv also had a few passing out episodes and i have my son (who is only 2) to look after too. My gp has also told me there is nothing he can do for me now other than prescribe me pain relief. They do however want to stop me from using dihydrocodine as they say you can get addicted to it. I'm not addicted I'm just in loads of pain.

i hope your feeling a little better today.

Like you i have no clue what is causing the pain and no one is willing to give me any answers


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