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Hi ladies.

Like many of you I've been suffering for years. Finally after seeing four different gynae docs the last one has decided to a lap

in the new year. I was just wondering what to expect while recovering as I am my husbands carer. I know we are all different just after a general, rough idea so I can sort out any help I may need or more importantly help for my wonderful husband.

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Hi, I have just had a lap & dye test this week. The thing is that they found Endometriosis and had to laser it out. So it really depends what they will do to you. If its only to diagnose it then you might be fine after 3-4 days but if they find Endo and remove it then you should at least take 1-2 weeks off! I first took off a week but now my incisions burst open and got infected so I had to rush into A&E yesterday to get it checked. I am on Antibiotics now for a week and hopefully can return to work by the end of next week. Everyone is different but I would say take time off for 5-7 days :-)


Thanks Ines2885. I realise its different for everyone just trying to be prepared! I hope you have a speedy recovery and no more incidents. Thanks once again.


You cannot lift even shopping bags for a while- so if your hubby relies on you for turning over in bed- or using a hoist or help with toiletting and so on, you will not be able to summons the strength for that for at least a couple of weeks and really ought not to be trying anything for around 8 to 10 weeks. This gives your cut muscles a chance to heal properly without damaging the healing process and having set backs.

So if your hubby is relying on you for a lot of strength caring then you really should consider asking a strong relative or friend to come and stay and help out, or ask your local social services for help in hiring in a carer to visit 2 or 3 times a day for the practical things that you can't manage to do for a while.

It is very hard to judge how long you might need help for, because it depends on what work you hve done inside and how good you are at healing and how much of a chance you give to resting and taking care of yourself. As well as the needs of your hubby.

It would be safe to assume you will not be up to going shopping for at least a week, and probably not safe driving for 3-4 . So check out the local supermarket and if they do home delivery then sign up for an account so you can shop online and have it delivered to you directly. Or ask a friend or relative to drive you to the shops and carry your bags from the trolley in to the car and then in to your house.

You might spring back in to action in only a few days- but there is no guarantee of that so preparation in advance incase you are very sore for quite a while will certainly help put your mind at ease should that turn out to be the case.


Thank you impatient that's very helpful. I will ask my parents for that help. Luck for me my hubby recently had his chemo changed and he is responding well to it so he can do a bit more than before. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. xx



I echo the what Impatient says.

Having had 5 laps and being an occupational therapist I would say it is important to plan ahead, it may sound a bit drastic but planning for the "worse case" means that you have all the contingentcies in place and my experience is that is easier to be organised before rather than dealing with an emergency while you are feeling unwell.

It may seem that having extra help is a luxury - but knowing that you have some help and need not to try too do them - means you can allow your body to heal up and in the long run this means a faster recovery.

My first lap I rushed back to work thinking I was fine only to end up in A&E a week later poorly and thus delaying the healing process.

Social Services have a duty to help if you are unable to care for your husband, now from experience they can be rather reluctant to do so, and also it may depend on what kind of help is needed and it is also meanstested.

I hope this helps :)

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Thank you Surreygirl that's a great help. I am grateful to all you ladies taking the time to reply.


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