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Lap results - can anyone tell me what they mean - confused?

Hi Ladies - I went to see my gp to explain my but I got the impression she didn't really know so I hope someone can help me understand them please

"Section shows abundant blood clot material admixed with polypoid pieces of endometrial tissues. These pieces contain tubular and elongated glands with a cellular, variably fibrotic stroma. Some polypoid pieces of endocervial mucosa are also seen. Diagnosis 1. consistent with endometrial polyp 2. endocervial polyp.

Thank you

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I am no doctor so please only take this as a guess. It seems like they've found Endo polyps which are little blobs of Endo and its on your womb and your cervix. There is thick blood mixed in with these polyps which is different to the Endo stuff which may be from it bleeding or something. I googled this next bit, fibrotic stroma is when fibrous tissue appears on the cells that make up the tissue for your womb and it being variable is probably the different amounts. That's about all I can understand with general logic and understanding, a few bits I dont know and wouldn't like to guess. Like I said I am not a doctor nor will I ever be but the stuff I dont know about Endo isn't worth knowing, which is nothing. I hope that some of this is right and that it helps you understand a bit but if I were you I'd go to your gynae who did it and get them to explain it all, good luck hun and hope I helped a bit.

Leya :) xx


Leya - you did good.

Yes that pretty much sums it up - the polyps can cause a blockage of the cervix like a plug in aplughole so menstrual bleeds can struggle to get out leaving you with blood clots and clumps of old lining waiting ages to get out then when the plug is shifted a bit whoosh out it falls..till next time.

They have taken a biopsy of the cervix and this is the result of that.

Nothing that is sinister but it does need to be monitored, so you may get recalled for smears every six months or so to keep an eye on the cells.

They might also take out the polyps if they haven't yet done so.

Polyps growing from th cervix are v. common. And usully get checked out for the remote chance it might be a sign of pre-cancer, but the vast majority are just pesky things not anything that will get nasty.

I have a decent size one too, spotted on the last scan. it will be coming out at my next op with general anaesthetic. I sure am not going to have that done without being knocked out !!! OUCH i hate having speculums - it is absolute agony for days afterwards for me.


thank you so much ladies for your help - I'm very grateful to you both.

Impatient - I do hope your op goes well and you make a speedy recovery

:0) x


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