Thankyou to the ladies who replied. Is it possible to be anaemic even though I do not have heavy periods? I try to eat enough iron rich food

I cannot afford to eat organic foods. Which would reduce oestrogen consumption.But I do feel cold despite wearing several layers and cuddling a hot water bottle. Can anyone recommend a herbal remedy for feeling depressed and something to boost energy?

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  • Hi Dolphinlover66, I would get a gp appointment to get a blood test done as there are several types of anemia and if you have no heavy bleeding then the under lying reason needs to be found. But more importantly people with endo have a higher risk of an underactive thyroid and some of the symptoms can be cold hands and feet, low energy. Adding more iron to your diet can be quite dangerous so doctor guidence should be followed. I take 1 tablet of sea kelp a day to help my thyroid function as do not eat sea fish which is a great source of iodene. This has helped me boost my energy as my thyroid was not low enough that they would perscribe thyroxine. Good luck. X

  • My thoughts over rode what I ment *brain fog moment* i meant feeling the cold more easily not just hands and feet also depression can be a symptom too. X

  • I would second the advice above- definitely get checked out by a GP and have bloods taken.I use a product called Seagreens which is powdered seeweed,very rich in iodine and has the advantage that you can add to foods.It recommends half a teaspoon daily.I got from my Herbalist ,but am sure it can be bought online or from health food stores. I have found that, in combination with other herbal medicines, radical change in diet( organic as much as possible - expensive but we just eat half as much and fill out with veg and pulses- I have noticed a big improvement in my fatigue levels ,as I have both ME and endometriosis.In particular I am not freezing ,even with layers of clothes now.

    Depression is also strongly linked to underactive thyroid,so I would wait for thyroid tests to be done.If not due to thyroid then St Johns wort is a very common herb used to treat mild depression or feeling low.It can be purchased in any health food shop.I thinkl there are a few contra-indications -so read label carefully.

    Hope you get it sorted.Best wishes.

  • I'd just like to say check with your doctor as I know mini pill and combined pill say not to take st johns wort as it reduces its effectiveness. Not sure about the coil or implant though. X

  • Yes she should definitely check with Gp before trying any herbal remedies,unless being treated by a medicinal herbalist.

  • Lots of things cause anaemia, go to your gp. they can look at the blood cells and that helps to see what the cause of anaemia is

  • I had anaemia for about a year and iron pills didn't seem to work. Then I had a vitamin D test which was very low. There is some link between vitamin D and iron and somehow the vitamin D pills helped my iron levels back up.

  • Thankyou , I had vit d test this year and it was normal! I hate going back and forth to GP as I have to wait 3 weeks for an appointment and GP is rude when I go in as an urgent patient. I will have blood test for perniciuus anaemia and thyroid function as I take omeprazole and that affects vit b 12 absorption.

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