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Good evening ladies

My lap was 17days ago, last Friday was told I have endo that was basically it I don't know anything else with what's going on. I have my gynea appointment on thursday with the doc that sent me to surgery. Anyway I think I have recovered amazingly well I have resumed to my full daily routine, but omg I'm just so tired all the time the pain I have is really bad but I just push through it as much as I can (I don't actually have any pain from my stitches). But am I so tired is that because of the endo or because my body is still recovering. All though I thought it's already recovered. I've also had my first zoladex implant last Friday to. Is anyone else feeling so exhausted so quickly and just wants to stay in bed and sleep in the morning (if I didn't have my toddler I would be able to sleep as much as I want but he needs me) please can someone help me and give me some form of advice

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The tiredness is part a consequence of the general anaesthetic and that your body has a lot of healing to be done inside and is concentrating all systems on that healing.

It can take many weeks even months to get over a surgery all on ots own.

Meanwhile best advice is get plenty of rest, only undertake light exercise and activity if you can. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, eat nourishing foods, and look after yourself.

Taking zoladex on top of that recovery will expose you to all the possible and miserabe side effects of zoladex on the patient advice leaflets online- there are dozens of really debilitating side effects that can affect you and can certainly make caring for a toddler really difficult. Make sure you have back up carers/helpers on emergency call out to you at all times. Grandmas, aunts , best friends etc.

Have them take little one for a few days away to give you respite to try and get some down time...you will need that. There are times it could leave you bed bound with pains and dizzyness and shocking tiredness and maybe blurred vision, forgetfulness and so on.

At times like that, it can be a real challenge to safely care for a small child, and you could well need to call emergency helpers to take over.

memory problems like leaving irons on, cookers on, taps running, forgetting to prepare meals, pick up kids from school and so on.

I was on zoladex 4 months and no way could I even take care of myself somedays, let alone be responsible for a small human too.

It is a cancer drug- very powerful and the side effects can hit you several at a time and you have no idea when, for how long or how intense they will be from one moment to another.

it will definitely be a urgent idea to sort out plans for looking after the child in emergencies.


Thankyou Hun, i have plenty of back up when it comes to my son and me. Its just i can be so tired and want to sleep but cant its not always necessary pain that keeps me up neither its really weird.


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