Why am I so tired?!

Hey girls. Had second Lap for grade 4 endometriosis and ovarian cysts on 21st October. First op was 15th July. After first op I started a 4 month treatment of zoladex which I came off the month before my second op so the last injection was September 15th. I have had 5 weeks off recovery before returning to work two days ago. From nowhere I am suddenly SO SO SO TIRED! I don't recall feeling this on the zoladex and even during my initial recovery I never felt sleepy or lethargic. I am a sporty person and had been back at the gym and horse riding but for the last 3 days I've literally been feeling my eyes close by about 3pm. This really isn't me and I refuse to put it down to being back at work as even during the recovery I was exercising and getting up early

Can anyone advise if they have expericed this also? xx

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  • I am experiencing this fatigue and physically so tired by the afternoon. I am putting mine down to a spell of ill health and my body needing to repair itself.

    Also it can be pain related but I am not sure with regards to the hormones.

    I have always felt better after laparoscopies as they remove the endo.

  • I have it all the time, can't shake it off. I now work short hours part time, because I cannot shake off the fatigue. Even after 1 hour of work i need to sleep again for a couple then i am up for a bit then sleep and my whole day every day is made up of sleeping as and when I can. Can't seem to stop then utter constant tiredness.

  • I suffer with fatigue (presumably) as part of my endo too. My boss even commented the other day that it's like I haven't got any energy anymore. I'm sure it wasn't this bad before my lap either =\

  • I was feeling like this after my 2nd lap and after further investigations I was diagnosed with CFS/ME, which was brought on by the surgery.

  • I never thought of the surgery bringing something like that on. I told my GP how tired I'm feeling when I went back last week in pain again but not got anywhere.

  • It was my Gynae Consultant who finally had me tested and diagnosed. Please keep on pestering them till you get answers x

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