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Back ache, period pains and very sore nipples!

Hi guys, has anyone exaperienced period pains, back ache and extremely sore nipples before?? I had 3days of spotting 2 weeks ago since coming off decypeptal last October and now I feel like this it's orful I have no energy again either :( I've been so well for the past 4 months compared to how poorly I was at x mas but now I feel orful again and my nipples are really painful. Just wondering if anyone has any advise

For me . Many thanks x

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Hi there, these are the pains I get before my period comes, its part of the lovely PMS!!!

But they could be easily early pregnancy symptoms too. If there is no chance of you being pregnant, I would say that your body is still adjusting to the new condition of being artificial hormone free. x


Thanks for ur comment. Well there is chance I could be pregant, but I did a test and it says negative. I have been very unwell in the last with period but never pains like this exspecially my breasts! But thanks :) that helps x


Ditto on the pms symptoms I'm afraid! I often get this from ovulation to period starting when they either wear off or I don't notice it as much because I have bigger fish to fry by then ;) x


I have never exaperienced these symptoms before . I've not had a

Propper period in nearly 18months. Been waiting since jan for it too arrive not been well for about 2 weeks. I just hope that my period will come now on exspecially having these symptoms :( thanks x


Hi Hun, I used to get such sore nipples that I couldn't wear a bra and clothing was painful on them. I cut out wheat from my diet and I have never had them again, although wheat free is very hard. Now I have a little wheat but still no sore nips. Good luck. X


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