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no pain until after lap

I underwent a laparoscopy a few weeks ago for fertility investigation, prior to this I knew that I had ovulation issues and I had af's which lasted 5-8 days and slight pain just before they were due, which were manageable. I was told on discharge that all went well and some endo was removed but I would need further surgery to remove a submucous fibroid. During the 1st AF since the lap I have suffered bad backache, extremely heavy flow and stomach pains, all combined the pain is enough to pass out. Never have I felt like this with them, I thought this was how you felt prior to the endo removing.... I have an appointment to see the fertility specialist mid December but left wondering till then, whats next.

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had my lap may this year, my periods now are so heavy, painful and last longer (was in dreadful pain a few months after surgery) even regretting the surgery but got better 6 months after, still some mild/moderate endo pain, but nothing like before surgery! as for the horrible periods it gives me hope that my body is normal-ish again, had bad periods before endo appeared, also have an appointment with a fertility specialist in feb, before hand i have to have bloods taken to check all my reproductive system is working as it should, endo is so drawn out, feel for anyone who has this x


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