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Feel like a bit of a fraud on here, but need some help!

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and was just wondering whether anyone could help me.

I'm 23 and last year was diagnosed with endometriosis, I had an operation where all traces were removed and I thought I had been fixed and was enjoying being pain free. 6 months later the pain returned and, my consultant at the time, put me on 30mg Provera tablets daily. During this time I was a university student training to become a children's nurse. The Provera didn't help the pain and my consultant wasn't being particularly helpful, and as it was affecting my future career I did some research and found an endometriosis specialist and arranged an appointment. This consultant was the first consultant who I actually felt was concerned about the chronic pain I was in and wanted to help me fix the problem to enable me to continue with my nursing training. He carried out a diagnostic laparoscopy and unfortunately discovered that I have in fact chronic inflammation and no endometriosis, he also doesn't believe I ever did have endometriosis. As there is no cure for the chronic inflammation I have had to quit my nurses training as I struggle to get through the day with the amount of pain I am in. I am on Tramadol, Naproxen, Paracetamol and Amitriptyline to try and help the pain, which it does to some extent, but I am still suffering greatly on a daily basis. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or been diagnosed, and can possible give me some good news on progress you've made! I've found some herbal remedies that are meant to be amazing for inflammation which I have been taking, which are Turmeric capsules and Serrapeptese tablets. I'm taking so many things that I won't know what has fixed me but at the moment I just want to be fixed so will quite happily to anything to make me feel better! If any of you can help me I'd love you forever! I'm getting so down as all my friends have graduated and are getting on with their lives and I am just sat at home watching daytime T.V!

Sorry for rambling on.

Emma x

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Hi not sure if i can be much help but wanted to reply. I have been following the 'endo diet' and wondered if this may help you. I have cut out wheat/gluten, dairy, caffeine it also recomends no soya so have rice or almond milk. Also no alcohol or red meat. I have restricted them but cant cut them out completely. I believe it says cut these all out for three weeks to see if helps with pain. I cut them out 5 weeks ago and also carbs 7 weeks ago to lose weight. I also take magnesium, zinc and calcium. I am also on zoladex injections but my bowel habits have changed for better and pain has greatly reduced to last week. Ive also heard of anti inflammatory diet. May be worth looking into. I wish you well and hope you see an improvement in yiur pain and symptoms


Hello Emma23,

Try to stay strong, carry on with whatever is best for you and helps you to feel better. Dont loose hope.

Eventually i hope you can manage your pain and reach your goals. It wont be and clearly isn't easy for any of us but we must be able to beat this somehow.


As well as diet, yoga is worth a go, even if it just gets u exercising a little it will help you stay positive.

Acupuncture is great i really believe it stopped me getting really depressed even if it didn't help the pain in d long run.

Don't give up on your studies altogether. You may have to tweak your plans are little to accommodate new limitations but it's doable. I'm currently planning career change to something less physically demanding.

I felt just like you a few months ago when on top of my endo i developed chronic fatigue but I've just had to learn to adjust

i hope some of this helps.


Hi, Thank you all for your replies. I'll definitely give the anti inflammatory diet and yoga a go.

Thank you again for replying. x


Jiaogulan, Serrapeptese


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