Got a few things to ask

I have just started prostap am not sure if I wanna continue with it next month as it keeps giving me bad headaches :( am on the pill as well but can I continue to take it with prostap I need it for conterseptive reasons now?

Anyone with endometriosis suffer from weight loss am dead thin an weigh about 7st am on ensure drinks to build me up :( my thighs always kill ive been told its my sciatic nerve does anyone else get this aswell?

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  • Hi

    I have just finished an 11 mth course of prostap, I got really bad headaches as well to start with, the headaches got so bad I ended up in hospital at one point but they did stop completely after about 4 mths into the prostap. I also suffered pretty much every other side effect but for me the pain relief I got from the prostap (once it kicked in after 7-8 weeks) was well worth. I suffered the opposite with weight, gained over 4 stone whilst I was on it which I'm not too impressed about, but prostap can cause weight gain or weight loss.

    As for the pill I would really really recommend you check it out with your consultant (phone the secretary and get a message through to him) because as far as I'm aware it shouldn't be taken with prostap and the only suitable contraception whilst you are on it is condoms, I have seen 2 private consultants whilst on prostap and both have made a big point about it, it might not seem ideal but its much better than the pill failing, prostap is a very powerful drug. It may also impact on the effectiveness of the prostap. Also its changes in oestrogen that causes headaches so taking the pill on top of the prostap may be contributing to your headaches. x

  • I only started it Thursday am not sure if I like it :( ive had weight loss over years its horrendous am underweight and look ill :'( ill ring my consultants secretary tomorrow :) ive started getting the hot flushes :(

  • Hi

    Early days at the mo then. I really didnt like it at the beginning either, I felt like I had poison running through my veins, after a few months I switched to the 3 month doses which I much preferred and seemed to get less side effects. Just be glad its coming into winter with the hot flushes, much more manageable than in the summer! I'm still getting them at the mo and my last prostap ran out 2 months ago but thankfully they are getting less and less. If you haven't got it already, when you have the next injection ask the nurse for the patient information leaflet (in the box with the injection) as it will be helpful as and when you get other side effects x

  • Am unsure if I want next month's injection

  • Hello,

    I had one dose of prostap and then continued it with a very similar alternative called Zoladex (a different make slightly cheaper on NHS so I was told)

    Horrific side effects...... Bloating, pain, dryness, hot sweats, insomnia, sleep terrors, you name it i had it. Awful. I had two further doses and it didn't seem to improve so went to my GP for review who informed me that unless I continued with it despite the side effects it was likely the endometriosis would spread and In the long run the pain would be worse. I really sympathise with you, it's awful, I was tired all the time and just felt shit, but you can only have a certain number of doses and when it's all over you will notice the difference in pain. Good luck honey. P.S as for the weight I seemed to inflate as my appetite was uncontrollable x

  • It is great for pain relief if you can grit your teeth and put up with the horrible side affects . I had. a horrendous first month on it as my migrants seem to be cyclic so the initial increase in oestrogen meant I was in a right state. Just finished my 6 month course & although I moan about it am dreading the Odin returning . The injections meant I could function.Preservers for a bit longer if you can then if it's not for you fair enough . Does get worse before it gets better which no one told me. This forum did ! Agree about checking about the pill. I have a coil to control bleeding/contraception.Good luck x

  • Prostop was giving me headaches and when I told my surgeon she put me on estrogen straight away. It could be that you are low already and your body is complaining. Weight loss also means your body will be producing less estrogen so it could be a compound effect.

  • I may ask for the 3 month dose I duno if I can cope for 6 months does everyone still get some pain even though your all on prostap?

  • Hey my consultant recommended tht I still had the depo injection whilst on prostap and then zoladex as they are not contraceptives . I would check with your own consultant but my consultant told me to go on the pill when starting prostap if i wasn't already on any form of contraception .good luck hope they work for you as I had really bad time and ended up coming off them both but everyone is different .

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