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Morning sickness (most of the day)

This was one of my earliest symptoms, I was convinced I was pregnant, turns out it was endo. Was getting it a week before period started which was ever 7-8 weeks. But Have now had it for 3 weeks, not throwing up all the time just feel like nothing is settling right and have had the worst period pains combined with what feels like a knife being jammed up my privates, and my newest pain is when I pee, not stinging but pelvic pain, had a lap 4 months ago and had coil since. Not sure if I should have it removed but if I am in this much pain with it, what will I be like without it.

My gyno said that only 10% of women with endo get is back worse after a lap, this seems like crazy talk compared to others posts,

Any way my question really is about the sickness, I think it is an excess of estrogen but can anything be done about it or does anyone else suffer from this, and should pain be less 4 months after lap



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Hi, both estrogen and progesterone can cause nausea. Having more progesterone can actually cancel out estrogen so I would be more inclined to think it is progesterone as it can be a side effect of the Mirena. It is belived that progesterone can relax the stomach aswell as the uterus. With the pain whilst peeing I would defiantly book a doctors appointment to check that it is in the right place as it might not be positioned quite right. Which might explain why your are having more pain. The doctor will probarly send you for an ultrasound to check this. Even if all is well it would give you peace of mind and help narrow things down. Good luck. X


I was nausus all the time, especially after I ate anything! Then I switched to a gluten/wheat free diet and started eating meat again. I immediately felt relief. Now I am am doing the Endo diet full blown and we'll see how that works out. Good luck to you!


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