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Has anyone been told they had an ovarian cyst with irregular septae?

Hi when my consultant did the scan he got quite freaked and did the whole it could be cancer but highly unlikely it is speach. Consultant who did the op didn't seem to concerned by it maybe because it was only 3cm?. From scan to lap was under 2 weeks but this was private. Im awaiting the biopsy results. Endo was found and treated but I don't know what stage or wear ( I was to out of it after she told me what had been done!) so just wondering if any one has been in the same boat?

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Hi Im not sure about the irregular septae, but had an ovarian cyst removed last year and done privately too. My surgeon told me the results on the same day, which was that I was severe stage 4, so ur surgeon should know these results. Maybe u could give him a call and ask him?? Mine was removed along with the ovary as it was 9cms and send for biopsy which took 2 weeks for the results to come thru. My post op check up was 4 weeks after the surgery but the surgeon kindly wrote to me as soon as the results were in to put my mind at rest (they were good). If it's been more than 2 weeks then ur results r likely to b in already so u could check that with a call too. Did u have the CA125 blood test before ur op?? This is an indicator of whether they think it could b cancer. I had this and was not allowed surgery until the results were back in as they needed to decide beforehand what kind of surgery we were looking at. My results were high so he knew there could b a problem tho he thought my reading was due to severe endo. I went into theatre on the understanding that he would try and leave as much as possible in tact but to b prepared. If ur surgeon maybe didn't give u that info before ur op then I would c that as a positive thing. However, there is no point in spending time getting worried when he will prob b ok with u calling him to get more info about it all. Give him a call and put ur mind at rest :-) Good luck and hope all is very well with u (it was for me). Take care xxx


Thanks Minnie, My philosophy in life is I don't do stress or worry I put that energy into sorting the problem or if can't I focus my energy on something productive :-) I didn't have a ca125 as gyne said that it is raised for endo and inflammation causes by the cyst . But I think I had a blood test whilst I was under. It has only been a week so I was going to call in a weeks time. Everything is in my favour I'm 24 and have spent the last 9 years on microgyon (sp?) and have no family history of any cancer. So im just curious at what the pockets are filled with :-)


Ahhh that does sound much better. Ur results will b in before u know it now :-D Good luck and god bless xx


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