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Fallon stairs now have pain in left side around my scar??

Hi I was just wondering if anyone could offer me a bit of advice. Yesterday I fell down the stairs at home and hit the bottom of my back really hard...what's worrying me or concerning me is that as the day went on I started to get very sore around my scar area where I had my ovaries removed in June. It feels a bit like when I had the surgery, very tight and hurts when I bend or stand and straighten up. Have found myself holding around there as I get up. Could I have done some damage inside to the scar tissue? And is it something that needs checking over with A and E or something? I also have been unable to go to the toilet, (for a no 2, sorry TMI!) since I have done it? Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated. I have tried to get in to see my GP but no appnts available today. Thanks xx

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I think you probably need to get checked over. Do you have a Nhs walk in centre nearby? They might be a good option. If not I would try calling your GP practice back and see if you can either speak to the on call doctor or have an emergency appointment, just emphasise to the receptionist that you are in a lot of pain. I hope you start to feel better soon x


Thanks, I am just going to her dressed and then go to either walk in centre or A and E near me. I hate going to either and thought yesterday that I should go but was hoping it would start to ease and I also didn't have this pain in my front left until the afternoon. Thanks for responding I will see how I get on!! Xx


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