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Pain when coughing?

Hi ladies, hope this message finds you as pain free as possible :) I was just sitting in bed and I needed to cough and when I did I felt like someone had stabbed me in my right side near my pelvis on my tummy, it really hurt and happens every time I cough. Usually I have to dig my fist or the palm of my hand into that area when I cough so it doesn't hurt and it happens with sneezing too. Does anyone else get this? And if so why does it happen? Is it a cyst bursting or just something to do with the Endo itself?

Thanks girls :)

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I have had this before too, usually when i'm already in pain it seems to jar it? But I have no answers for you unfortunately as I don't know what it is either!! x


I have it even when I'm not which then causes me to be in pain when I'm having a good day, thank you for replying, I know I'm not alone :) x


Hi I have this also and gynae,says it is either adhesions pulling or cysts.On 2 occasions cysts have burst and I have collapsed and been 999d to hospital,so it could be adhesions or even nerve pain.I get shooting,stabbing pains all over abdomen and in hips and down legs.Again gynae said it was scar tissue and endo pressing on nerves.One thing I find helps is heat and cold.I use hot water bottles and ice gel.I also see a herbalist and it with her that suggested the cold as it helps reduce inflammation.Hope you get some relief-let is know how things go.This forum is great to share.


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