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pains in ankles, hips and knee's? related

I have recently been wondering if there are any connections to my conditions to all the other niggly health issues i've had of late. the most irritating and uncomfortable of that being pains in the side of my legs going from hips radiating all the way down my bones of my legs and and entering in my ankles, it is like a wave of pain. has anyone ever experienced this. its been particularly bad this weekend and my abdominal wall / skin had also been hyper sensitive even just to touch? i'm only 27 so shouldn't really have any underlying degenerative bone condition that not yet been diagnosed so i'm wondering if there is any connection with the grade 4 endo i was diagnosed with in march? xx

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Hi, yes I have the same! I suffer with hip leg pains which goes into my lower back too. I was told there are a lot of nerves that run through your tummy and when they are irratated they cause refered pain and nerve pains which many on here get in hips and thighs. Your sciatic nerve runs where an outer seam on your trousers is and generally my pain seams to run down to my ankles on the outer side of leg so they think all the inflammation is irratating my sciatic nerve. Ibrubrofen and heat is only thing that helps s little. Its this pain that I have most days and can make me limp around. Sometimes I discribe it like I've run a marathon and my legs hips feel achey, other days it feels like someone is screwing into my hip bone! So yes I do believe it's the endo and my doctor prescribed nortriptyline which is an anti depresent but used for nerve pain as it blocks some of the nerve signals. It does help as I'm not limping as much but it's still there. Discuss it with your doctor as they should be able to prescribe something to help.

If you use the search you'll see that this is a common discussion so your definately not alone with this one x


I have the same too and find that heat helps the most. I have been told the same as Lillyflower after many investigations.


Without doubt Endo causes untold misery and pain my 18 yr old granddaughter and her mother and my husbands mother all suffered from their very first periods at age 16


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