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horrible pains and light bleeding

hi i am a little confused and worried my period is late again by 5 days last month by 4 days i am always regular 21 days last month i started getting pains in my groin area then it spread up my tummy under my rib cage.

Today my period started very light bleeding this never happens its always very heavy and the pains came back last night i feel so tired and sick i did visit the doctors last month when i nearly fainted to be given Tramadol and anti sickness to be told i could have a tummy bug hence i really don't want to go back to gp

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What meds are you on at the moment?

also have you had any indication you might have an ovarian cyst forming? they can knock your periods out of whack quite quickly and cause sudden pains and burst at any size causing sheer agony?

If you are not on BC pills it might be worth considering taken them for a few months to try and regulate the cycle at 28 days,, or take them back to back to skip periods and have a break from the worry. Do you have any other docs at the surgery that you could book an appointment to see? You are not obliged to always see the same Doc at the surgery, even though they ask which is your Doc, you can opt to see a different one to discuss this. Look for the surgery website and see if they have any docs there that specialise in women's health issues.


all i take is Tramadol i can't take the pill due to the ones that regulate my periods give me Migrane and are high estrogen and the mini pill makes me constantly bleed last time i saw my consultant he said my options were hysterectomy or pregnancy and i am stuck now i want another child i have twins who were born at 30 week and my husband won't budge he says no more im due to see my consultant at the end of the month i have seen other doctors at my surgery but they do tell me they no very little on endo i did think it my be a cyst thank you


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