pains other times of the month now I think

I am getting to know my body more since being diagnosed... I am less dismissive of little aches and pains and I am beginning to notice pains at other times of the month rather than when I am on my period. I have had some ovulation pain for quite some time but I am noticing pain at seemingly random times in the month. I hope I am just noticing something that's always been there rather than noticing the start of pain increase..... a bit worried....

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i have the same problem although i have pain everyday sometimes just worse than other times where it can be abit better but i dont have my normal periods until every 8-9 months so maybe that could be something to do with it.

Have you talked to your gynacologist about it?

i think at this stage i am going to keep telling myself its little pains that were always there but i will be keeping an eye on it and if it progresses I will go to the GP. I do make little notes in my diary about pains so i have something to refer to. xx thank you

hi Crystal,

This is similar to me, diagnosed about 3 months ago - it must be part psychological for me as I think now i know what is wrong I identify symptoms more readily.. But i agree with Michelle, talk to the Gynacologist and I hope you are having a god day today


i do think i am just more aware now... i'll be vigilant and write things down so if it progresses i can take the notes to a doctor

Try not to think of the pain. Hard I know but you need to get on with your life otherwise the disease has won :( if it gets to point where it stops your life deal with it then. Just think this is me and what makes me. Everyone has their cross to bear in life and this is ours. I think once you are psychologically aware of pain you pay more attention to it and then is a vicious circle. Last year it all came to a head for me, i couldn't get out of bed. It stopped my life. I had 3 laps in 8 months and finally my life is back! Hope you find some comfort and are able to live a vastly pain free life!

I am glad I know what the pain is now.. its nice to be able to just say to people "my endo is hurting me today" if needs be and have them just accept it... it took s lot of educating people but it has paid off : )

I think that I got so used to having aches and pains in my abdomen it became normal part of everyday life but was rather irritable and depressed most of the time not realising that my mood was related to how I felt physically. Since being pregnant all the aches and pains gone away and I now realise that my endo was probably the reason for feeling physically drained all of the time and just feeling generally rubbish and I got all anxious about ovulation and periods. I also had bad ovulation pains and two weeks after ovulation my right hip was always hurting a lot which was related to my ovary for sure as had a 6cm endometrioma in it and ruptured 4 times last year leading me to A&E. It was horrible psychologically as hated taking strong painkillers as they made my like a zombie but could not be avoided as was in so much pain before my laparoscopy last year. Try keeping a diary of what you feel maybe there is a pattern to your aches and pains there was definitely with mine was related to my cycle. Have they given you any treatment for endo? xx

hmmm maybe i will get a little diary purely for health notes so i can track my pain over the months.... good idea xx sorry to hear about your endometrioma and i hate taking strong painkillers too. I hope you are feeling better now x

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