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Has anybody actually passed out with pain?

Ive been extremely sore all weekend and felt as if I had something heavy in my side. Yesterday I had severe pain and when I stood up I had the most excruciating pain and I actually passed out for a few minutes. I was then stuck on the floor for an hour until my husband came running home to see why I hadn't picked my son up from school. I suffer from endometriosis and pcos. Ive had enough now!! I was meant to see my surgeon next week and the app got changed to xmas eve then I received a letter to say its now been changed till Jan!

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That sounds like an ovarian cyst explosion pain. they're the most severe sort...and easily capable of causing you to pass out. They are paralytic pain levels. Top of the scale..almost on a par with Kidney Stones.

Contact your GP who can arrage a scan for you to check and monitor that cyst..as they can refill up again and quickly....on the other hand once exploded the detritus from the cyst can be absorbed back in to your body and that cyst may also calm right down and not reappear there. Hopefully the latter will happen, but I have had two cysts blow and refill up again, so it is certainly something you should report asap to the GP.

Not at all nice... Literally Agony!!!..Cyber Hugs to you.

p.s. pain levels should ease off in the coming hours and days once your body is recovering from the shock of it and the damage caused by the popped cyst.



Yes, sometimes people with endo do pass out with the pain. It is the body's way of saying 'I cannot cope' and shutting itself down. I have never passed out myself through endo pain but have come close- ie: whooshy sounds in my ears and feeling dizzy/ blurry vision. But just because some women pass out, it does not make this a normal occurance so I urge you to get checked out ASAP by your doctor as if your pain is serious enough to make you unconsious you need checking over urgently. If it happens again in the meantime, go to A&E or call an ambulance. If it is a large cyst bursting this can be very serious.

Please go get checked out hun x


I would agree with Beau -definitely get this checked out at A and E.I have had 2 burst ovarian cysts -the first one I collapsed and was rushed to hospital.Worst pain ever and I was on morphine for several days and iv anibiotics.I remember a doctor saying that severe pain causes a dramatic dip in blood pressure,causing collapse.Do let us know how you get on -we are all here for you.


Yes I agree with the cyst rupture and pain levels. I have had two and on both occasions I collapsed and was in and out of consciousness with the pain for a period of time. You do need to see the Dr to get checked over. It took me about a week to recover from each of them as I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach by a horse and found to hard to walk. Pain levels dropped after about 2-3 hours and then I was in shock. Second one I was taken to A&E and admitted to the gynae ward so I know what happened, first one happened at home (bit like you in fact but I made it to my bed - couldn't take my jeans off, just undid them before I passed out!) and Dr said if it ever happened again to go to A&E so I did. Hope you are ok.


Please go to a&e I had a cyst burst on a vessel and was in the same pain your explaining I left it bleeding all day and dr and gyne say any longer and it would have been fatal. Don't leave things to chance. Better to be safe than sorry I really do hope your okay xxxxx


Hi gillianc14, I'm not as knowledgeable as these others who responded to your post, but if I could pitch a ball from left field at you, I have suffered from all these same issues and more. I imagine you've been taking some form of pain killer on an ongoing basis as most of us. For me it was naproxen for years, first for getting through my painful periods then ongoing for pain from endo, adeno, ovarian cysts and adhesions. Then I starting getting scared by blood in my bowel when passing stools, and with a couple of colonoscopies was diagnosed with IBS. The scariest occurences were passing out on the toilet while having bowel movements or shortly thereafter from a standing position once as well. it is terrifying when you feel like your being unplugged from the world, the lights dim, your ears plug your face pales like a ghost. My own experience has taught me that I can't have monosodium glutamate it makes my bowel spasm and also will cause this intense pain as though I ate a steel toed boot or something. I have dicetel on hand for times when it's in food your weren't aware of but I'm extremely cautious to avoid it. I've also had to eliminate salmon from my diet same pain. I suspect that taking the NSAID's all this time harmed my bowels. I know you never mentioned any bowel issues but most of have them along with many other things we just may not think to be a possibility, so I'm just throwing it out there.


I fainted today, after I woke I went to the toilet and passed a bowel movement and periods arrived. I have eaten red meat and sugar this month and my pain is intense. I've had cysts, ectopic pregnancies, but this pain is so much worse. It's instantly full on and feels relentless spasms. My body needed relief so it passed out. Always go and get it checked as some things are life threatening like ectopic, but I've found most of it is just crazy pain us ando sis here go through. Diet has been the only real relief, not surgery, pain or hormonal meds. No red meat and sugar and small amounts of bread.


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