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10 days late, no period???

Hi all

Im 21 with moderate to severe endometriosis but I have regular periods 28 day cycles sometimes late by 1/2 days max, husband and i have been ttc for nearly 2 years now. My last proper period was 29th July, husband and I had sex throughout the following month, I then started spotting around the time I was due on (27th aug) and had 1 day of bleeding I didn't think anything of it just that it was a dodgy period. I was then due on again on 24th sept And had a small pink blood bit when i wiped 5 days before i was due and had nothing since I am now 10 days late no real signs of period except occasional slight cramping. I have done tests all come back negative, also got sore boobs but that's about it. I'm really confused with what's going on. I know it's probably unlikely I am pregnant otherwise it would show in the tests but I don't get why I'm so late? Any similar experiences??? I've had a blood test awaiting results at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated xx

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Have you done a test first thing in the morning? The pregnancy hormone should show up if your urine is more concentrated. If you are pregnant it is possible to get a false negative if the hormone isn't strong enough. (Indicating that you are in the early stages of pregnancy).

So maybe try to do a test on the first urine passed in the morning.

Good luck. X


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