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Op on Monday, advice please!!


Due to have an endometrial ablation on Monday after the 1st one failed as the fan thing wouldn't open inside me. They are going to the balloon method or a dissection so 1st question has anyone had this without a lap to know recovery times . Also have woken up this morning with my throat on fire & feeling generally unwell everyone at work and my husband and one of my dons have colds. Will this stop me op or is it only if u have a bad chest or nasty cough. Any answers or advice would be appreciated.

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Hi. I had an endometrial ablation done 2 years ago. I did have the upside down umbrella fan thing though. Afterwards I spent a couple of days in bed (for the first few hours the cramps were a little bit painful but that could have just been me), but within a week I felt back to normal. I am not an anesthetist so don't know much about having ops when unwell but I always thought that if you have the beginnings of a cold they might not want to go ahead. Good luck on Monday! X


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